Autumn Wanderings

Today my friend Lizzie, who is home for a couple of days, text me to see if I fancied a walk at Culzean. (Remember Culzean?) It was one of those increasingly rare Autumn days where the rain looked like it might not make an appearance, and I don't get as many chances to catch-up with Lizzie as I'd like, so of course I said yes!

In the summer, Culzean is probably at its finest. The gardens are bursting with beautiful flowers and the paths bustle with families but there is something very peaceful about walking around the somewhat quieter grounds when the leaves have fallen just enough to line the walkways and to still cover some of the trees.

We walked from one end of the estate to the other and back with Lizzie's dog Teal in tow (or us in her tow, as was more often the case).

We headed back along the beach as the sun was setting, just in time before it got too dark and before we got too cold.

As I write this, it's hailing outside and I'm even more grateful to have had a lovely autumn walk today and nice thorough catch-up with a friend (and to be inside all snuggled up in my jammies now!).

What's your favourite way to take advantage of some nice Autumn weather?


  1. Big thumbs up from me on this, loving autumnal walks at the moment!

    This looks like it was a beautiful day.

    Hmm maybe...

    1. Thanks Emma, I was kicking myself on some other walks I'd been on when I forgot to take my camera and after enjoying your post I made sure to bring mine this time! xx

  2. so beautiful photos! :*


  3. Awwwh the pictures are all so pretty <3 looks like the cutest autumn walk ever!

    Sharlotte xxx