Day Trip to St Andrews

Hi guys!

Having lived in Edinburgh for 5 years and Scotland my whole life, it is a bit shameful that until recently I had never visited St Andrews. When my flatmates suggested we go for the day after exams were finished, I was very excited to go. This meant I had to be very well behaved at my end of exam night out, but it is always good to have an extra incentive to avoid a hangover!

In the morning we set off from Edinburgh, getting a train to Leuchars and a bus from there to St Andrews. This was the first instance of Scotland's uncharacteristically lovely weather this summer which was an added bonus for the day.

First stop: lunch at The Grill House, a vaguely mexican themed restaurant. I cannot recommend this enough, we had a yummy two course lunch for £5.95 - the portions weren't huge but you don't want that at lunch anyway - and shared a pitcher of frozen strawberry margharita so our total cost came to £10 each including a tip: bargain!

I really really wish I could wear Ray-ban style sunglasses and look half decent...but alas, it is not to be (bye bye purple sunglasses!)

We then took a walk down to the old Cathedral, the beach and had a walk round the main streets.

It was a lovely sunny day, exploring a quaint little town, catching up with friends - the perfect way to wind down after months of revision!

I was also reminded that there are so many places in Scotland and the UK I have yet to visit (so I musn't forget them when planning my travels).

Anywhere in the UK/Scotland you'd love to see?

p.s. I am writing this from the past! I didn't want to neglect this new blog so have scheduled some posts for while I am away. I will look at any comments when I am back :)

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