Introductions & Exciting Plans

Hi guys,

At the moment, I am at this funny intermediate stage in my life where I have just graduated from university (yay!) and am awaiting the Next Big Thing. Anticipating that this might happen, I made sure to have something to look forward to at the end of the summer, so as we speak I am getting ready for a 3 week trip to South East Asia starting on Tuesday. I went last year to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand and this year I will be exploring Vietnam and Cambodia, as well as stopping in at Bangkok again on the way in and out.

Last time, I went by myself but joined a tour group where luckily I met lots of lovely people but this year I am going with one of my best friends and ex-flatmate of 3 years so I am even more excited without having to worry about my potential future travel buddies.

I'm not sure what this blog will be, but I imagine it will take a few posts to recount my various adventures this summer and hopefully once that is done I will be embarking on the next stage and have lots of new exciting things to talk about.

To start, I thought I'd share some photos of last year's travels.

Downtown Singapore: where I flew into, and spent the exploring day by myself before meeting my tour buddies. A nice bridge between Asian and 'Western' culture, and a good place to ease myself into my travels.

A beautiful 'Water and Light' Show we happened upon in Marina Bay, Singapore
My wonderful tour girlies and I at the bottom of the 400-odd steps leading to the Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

Group dinner at a hotpot restaurant at our base in the Cameron Highlands

Me with the Rafflesia flower, which we trekked for over an hour into the Malaysian jungle to find. They only live for several days at a time.

Made friends with a butterfly, at a butterfly farm in the Cameron Highlands

 A view to Emerald Lake in Ang Thong Marine National Park, Thailand. I can't look at this photo without stressing out and thinking 'Rachel, please put both straps of your backpack on!!'

Time for some buckets and boogying at the Green Mango, Koh Samui

No bikini body judging please :P At Bottle Beach in Koh Phangan, a small cove with only a few people and one of the most beautiful places I have ever been

With the reclining Buddah in Wat Po, Bangkok

It's so hard to just pick a few photos from the trip, as every moment seems as important as the next and sometimes the moments that don't involve any particularly touristy or notable sights can be the most precious.

I also really enjoy making little videos of photos I have taken, and I made one for this trip. One day I would like to be even remotely skilled at video-editing (and photography, for that matter) but for now these will do.

This is getting me all excited for my next little adventure.

What's the favourite place you've ever been? Anywhere on your wishlist?


  1. Good luck in your blogging journey lots of lovely pics here hope the rest of your summer is just as amazing

    Carrieanne x

  2. welcome to the blogosphere! looks like you had an amazing time last year we hope you have just as much fun this time around! anywhere tropical with beaches is definitely on our holiday wishlist. We love the sun :)

    1. Thank you M+K! I'm in agreement with you there, tropical beaches are definitely a winner! xx

  3. How are you finding your blogging six months on? Are you still enjoying it? Have you had much luck with jobs etc after graduating? It took me 8 months before I got something I was happy with... you've gotta just keep plugging away. Lovely photos by the way - makes me have itchy feet!!


    1. What a lovely comment Hannah, thank you.

      I am really loving blogging still! It's such a challenge, as there's so many blogs I love and wish mine could be as good at and it's definitely nowhere near yet, and even writing in this way is something I've never really done before so yeah, I'm really enjoying it :)

      It's also giving me something to do as unfortunately no, no job as yet! Had a fair few interviews and came frustratingly close a few times, but no offer so far. Have been applying for a very specific job for which the positions seem to be even more hard to come by & competitive than the average job, which is saying something these days! Widening my search a little now but still got my heart set on that so we'll see :)

      And thanks, looking at them again gives me itchy feet too!