Family Time - Culzean Castle and Country Park

Hi guys!

A couple of weeks ago, my maternal grandparents came down for a little visit as while we had seen them a couple of times throughout the year, they hadn't been to stay with us yet. Even if they had, I would have been at Uni and possibly not able to see them, so this was a lovely opportunity to spend some chilled out time with family (excluding my brother, who was working most of the time).

For the most part, we took advantage of the gorgeous weather we had been having and relaxed in the garden but on the Saturday we took at trip down to Culzean, a favourite of most people who live in the area! I'm sure many people have somewhere like Culzean: somewhere you were taken as a child, to the extent where you became really sick of it, but as you got older you began to appreciate how beautiful it is and how lucky you are to have somewhere nearby like this to visit.

My Dad finds it very hard not to ruin a perfectly lovely photo :P

A lovely day spent with family :)

Where's your nearby go-to spot?

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